Nordflyg is a cargo airline with its roots stemming back to the fifties. Over the years our operation has varied from flight training to business aviation and cargo flights. Whatever the task, Nordflyg has always been there to present a solution.

This unique history has provided us with a deep understanding of the aviation industry. While the latest years have focused on cargo operations using the fantastic Cessna Grand Caravan, we remain open to the necessities of life - change.

With the term "solutions" we mean just that. You have a problem - we have the solution. It may be an ad-hoc transportation of fiftyfive plastic containers from here to there, or a daily delivery of your product from near to far away. Dangerous goods? Yes, we do that too, as an approved carrier we can transport most of the stuff you probably wouldn't take home with you.

When the Cessna Caravan doesn't fit the bill for an ad-hoc charter, our extensive experience means that we can source the solution for you. Or, if it's a recurring need we can set up the operation and provide the solution in house.

Whatever your need we're here to help.