AB Nord-Flyg was founded in 1952 with a focus on flight training, sightseeing flights and inspection of power lines. The early years saw a variety of aircraft including Piper Cubs, Cessna 172s and in 1960 also a Piper Apache. The Apache introduced the company to taxi flights and with the move to the new airport at Eskilstuna Kjula in 1968, a new era began with the addition of a helicopter, the venerable Hughes 269B.

During the seventies the fleet grew to include three Piper PA-31 Navajo and an additional 3 helicopters. Power Line inspections, arctic operations and other utility work was carried out all over Scandinavia and the Navajos were put to use on various missions.

The eighties saw a development into the jet age with the purchase of a Mitsubishi Diamond (MU-3) as well as a Piper Cheyenne III. With the nineties on the doorstep, a total of 5 business aircraft and 4 helicopters were in full swing.

The nineties also brought a financial crises and by 1992 the helicopter business was sold off and only one of the five business aircraft remained.

A new opportunity arose in 1997 when cargo operations with single engine turbine aircraft at night and in IMC was approved. As of that day, Nordflyg has focused on cargo operations with Cessna Caravan aircraft and at present over forty thousand hours worth of flight time has been recorded.
The Caravans operate year round in adverse weather carrying newspapers, mail and cargo from mainland Sweden to the island of Gotland, and between the island of Åland to mainland Finland.

In 2007 an attempt to develop a unique cargo operation utilizing one of the world’s most efficient turboprops, the Dash 8-Q400 eventually led to the company’s closure in early 2010. Again, a financial crises of unprecedented scale caused the company to restructure its operation.

In June of 2010, the Cessna Caravans were back in business providing a now unique service in Europe, going about their business with not a worry in the world.